Capacity Building Program Design and Management
For funders, nonprofit associations, intermediaries, collaboratives, and management support organizations, I provide technical assistance to help you design and implement a capacity-building program for your nonprofit grantees or constituents. This capacity-building program can include a combination of training, technical assistance, resources, networking, and mentoring. I also offer training and technical assistance directly to nonprofits on the topics of Marketing and Public Relations, Operating a Mission-Driven Social Venture, Business or Strategic Planning, and Public Policy and Advocacy. One program design I would highly recommend as a capacity building tool is the Peer Learning Cluster.

Nonprofit Peer Learning
Organizations serving nonprofits such as foundations and Management Support Organizations (MSOs) find it challenging to operate capacity-building programs that are cost effective. Most small- and medium-sized nonprofits cannot afford the cost or the time needed to invest in a capacity-building program utilizing expensive consultants. Methods that use technology and peer learning processes may be one answer to this challenge. Webinars, listservs, and online forums and social networking sites help accelerate learning and information sharing. I can provide technical assistance to your nonprofit association, foundation, or MSO as you develop innovative, cost effective, and peer-based educational programs for the nonprofits you work with. Click here for an article about a “Virtual Learning Cluster” I designed and implemented for a state association.


Workshop Topics
The One Page Business Plan® for Nonprofits
Developing Your Mission-Based Earned Income
Promoting Your Nonprofit: Marketing, Messaging,
   and Public Relations
Building a Successful Coalition

“Catherine Marshall has the right combination of experience, skills, and temperament to work with a broad base of diverse constituents and provide successful outcomes. I know that Catherine will always go beyond expectations. We have received nothing but rave reviews, praise, and appreciation from our network regarding its working relationship with Catherine.”

Tim Reese
Executive Director
Community Action Partnership
Sacramento, CA

"Ms. Marshall is adept at curriculum design, ensuring that it is always customized to the audience and their learning needs. Her training skills and presentation style utilize facilitative and experiential learning. Her training style is friendly and flexible and she consistently receives positive evaluations from training participants. I hired Ms. Marshall as a consultant for a new SMA capacity-building project operated by my organization because of her reputation and her established track record of excellence in training and capacity building."

Kimberly Pate
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development
Washington D.C.



Catherine Marshall
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