Forming a community-based coalition requires attention to a number of critical issues such as building consensus toward the coalition’s purpose and activities, raising public awareness, and strengthening service providers. Because coalition building is usually volunteer-led by individuals who also manage their own organizations, it can be difficult to direct the coalition’s development while maintaining momentum for the cause. A coalition facilitator can help ensure that all essential elements of a coalition-building effort are addressed during the initial development stage. These elements are:

Creating Collaboration: the consensus building, committees, meetings, internal communications, and organizational structures that build support for the momentum and sustain your movement for the long haul
Building Capacity: the activities, resources, and tools that help organizations and individuals do the work and become more effective in delivering the programs, products, and services core to your change effort
Developing Support: the fundraising, media work, public policy development, external communications, and marketing that help the public understand and support what you are trying to achieve

In addition, all three of these elements must have accountability and effectiveness measures integrated into the coalition-building effort.

To facilitate the formation of your coalition, I can provide:

• Project management and meeting facilitation during the initial critical stages
• A workshop on the “Essential Elements of Coalition Building”
• Strategic planning services

“As is the case with most brilliant work, with her "Essential Elements of Coalition Building" workshop, Catherine Marshall was able to clearly explain and describe the best practices of coalition building in a manner that made what would otherwise be a complicated topic seem simple. In a short time I was able to develop knowledge and skills that I can immediately put to use for coalition building initiatives.”

Rob Martin
Managing Director
Virginia Microenterprise Fund

Catherine Marshall worked with the United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra in 2009 to help develop our regional coalition that would address asset development and family financial stability. When Catherine joined us, our coalition had formed but was in its early developmental stages and in need of guidance. Catherine helped us to craft a plan for the coalition, guided our committees to create workplans, provided thoughtful and relevant recommendations regarding the formation of asset development programs, and facilitated our general meetings. The combination of Catherine's extensive knowledge in the area of asset building and her expertise in developing a coalition accelerated our ability to launch the Financial Stability Partnership for our region. We are very grateful for her assistance and highly recommend her.

Karen Barsell
CEO and President
United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra



Catherine Marshall
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