Business and Strategic Planning

To develop a strong support network, a nonprofit must prove that there is a need for its programs and services and that its mission addresses that need. A good strategic plan provides that proof. I offer facilitation of your board and staff strategic planning process, including meeting planning, training, strategic planning facilitation, summary preparation, and a debriefing consultation for the Executive Director.

A nonprofit business plan demonstrates that the structure of the nonprofit is sufficient to execute your mission. I recommend using the One Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organizations® and am a certified and licensed affiliate of the One Page Business Plan Company. Your one page business plan is a great way to articulate your mission, vision, strategies, and action plans to funders, prospective board members, staff, and partners. I can consult with the Executive Director individually, by telephone or in person, to develop a one page business plan or I can work with the Executive Director, staff, and board so we can develop the plan together (a three—five hour process).
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Leadership Development

Whether you’re just transitioning into the nonprofit sector, grooming for a move up the ladder as a nonprofit manager, or preparing your organization for growth or a leadership transition, it’s important to get support and advice. As someone who has been in service to nonprofits for over twenty-five years in a number of leadership capacities, I am fully aware of the challenges and rewards of nonprofit management and can be the neutral brainstorming partner you need to move to the next level. My leadership development consulting is goal centered, supportive, and focused on your success. I can also develop and deliver workshops and peer learning programs for your staff on leadership topics such as team building, conflict resolution, and meeting management.

Marketing and Communications
Basic to all nonprofit communications is a good case statement. A case statement conveys the need for your nonprofit, the program you use to address that need, and the proof that your program is successful. Brochures, websites, public education documents and funding proposals all require powerful language that effectively makes the case for support. I provide technical assistance to nonprofit organizations in developing their marketing plan and communications.

Development of Earned Income Strategies
Nearly every nonprofit can employ a strategy of earned income as a way to diversify its funding. Program fees, membership fees, contract work, and consulting are all ways in which a nonprofit can earn unrestricted income that still relates to their mission. I can provide technical assistance and training to nonprofits who are seeking to develop earned income programs or start a social enterprise.

"It is refreshing to spend time with someone who has a unique approach and perspective. I really enjoy your progressive style and willingness to go where others have not. Your work merging nonprofit and for-profit sectors on shared goals is amazing. I appreciate your guidance and suggestions concerning earned income strategies and business plans. I like to think NYEP has cutting-edge marketing materials and revenue strategies, thanks to our partnership with you.
Thanks again!"

Monica DuPea
Executive Director
Nevada Youth Empowerment Project

"Catherine helped our organization put together a one page business plan, which really helped to clarify and distill our business strategy. The exercise helped us get a bird's-eye view of our three-year plan. I would recommend that all nonprofits use this tool in their work."

Farhana Huq
Executive Director
Creating Economic Opportunities for Women (CEO Women)
Oakland, CA



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